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SEBAKent Thameside Church Planting Project

  • Ebbsfleet Garden City is growing to become a 'healthy new town', aiming to build community amongst its new residents

  • The church planting project is seeking to connect with these 'healthy new town' aims, building relationships and sharing faith in a creative and relevant way

  • A new initiative in 2018 is 'Sunday Active', based each week in the new community centre

BePartSince the last Home Mission Focus report, the landscape had changed considerably. There are now over 350 homes occupied in the first part of the Ebbsfleet Garden City, a new primary school, community centre, hotel and pub/restaurant.  Ebbsfleet has been designated a ‘Healthy New Town’ so there is a strong emphasis on building communities which support a healthy lifestyle.

EbbsfleetHeartWordCloudAfter a frustrating year, we were pleased to launch a new initiative called ‘Sunday Active’ at the beginning of 2018.  This is based in the new community centre and meets weekly on a Sunday morning from 09:00-11:00.

EbbsfleetSundayActiveThe morning kicks off with the option to join in one of several activities – a led walk, a running group or a chance to stay for coffee and chat. (We will be introducing some ‘boot camp’ style fitness training in the coming months)

EbbsfleetSundayActiveWalkEveryone gathers back at the centre at 10:00 for a light breakfast, followed by a short presentation on an aspect of spiritual health from a Christian perspective.

EbbsfleetServingCoffeeWe believe this will be a great way to build relationships, link in with the healthy new towns project and share Christianity in a creative and relevant way.

It is early days; however, we have already had some encouraging feedback from those who have attended.

EbbsfleetGroupConversationThe weekly coffee morning continues to grow, and we have moved into the new community centre which we hope will make it even more appealing to new residents in the area. We have also continued with a programme of community events which we have led with others in the area – these have included an Easter Egg Hunt, Play in the Park, summer fun day and a Christmas fayre at the new primary school.

EbbsfleetFamilyThe team also meet weekly as a home group for prayer, worship, bible study, meals together and sharing communion. This is becoming a vital time for us now that our Sundays are very different from the usual pattern of gathering!
We want to praise and thank God for…
  • The amazing team that God has called together to lead Sunday Active and be part of this new church in Ebbsfleet.
  • The residents who support the coffee morning and are supporting Sunday Active.
  • For a friend and colleague in the community who became a Christian at the end of last year.

Please join us in praying for … God to build his church in Ebbsfleet
  • For God’s love to reach out and touch the people in Ebbsfleet.
  • For Sunday Active to grow into a caring community where people discover the transforming power of Jesus.
  • For God’s continued provision of resources needed for the work in Ebbsfleet to grow.

A huge thank you!
This is an association project and we are so grateful to the SEBA churches for their consistent support both through Home Mission and direct giving to the project.  We are really beginning to see things come together now – it is an exciting time!

Penny is happy to host visits to Ebbsfleet, or to come and share more.  If you would like this – please get in touch!

Find us on Facebook ‘Kent Thameside Church planting project’ and ‘Sunday Active – Ebbsfleet’!
Penny Marsh - Minister


MissPossClick here to read more stories about how the money you give to Home Mission is being used to bring the love of God to communities around the country.

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