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Prayer and reflections

As churches are no longer able to meet together in buildings, we want to encourage and help people to pray, both within our own churches and in the wider community.   This section provides many ideas that could be used to lead people to prayer, both personally and corporately. 
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Stay and Pray

F&S Connecting SocialPoliticalOur Joint Public Issues Team is launching a new initiative: Stay and Pray.
Each day they will be pointing people towards different issues - local, national and global - that they want to encourage us to pray for. 

StayPrayThis will particularly highlight vulnerable and marginalised groups during the Coronavirus crisis.  They are inviting people to ‘lift up their eyes’ from what might feel like the limitation of their homes, to consider what is happening elsewhere, and encouraging them that joining together in prayer makes a real and tangible difference.  They will be encouraging people to establish a daily rhythm in doing this – to pray when they are boiling the kettle, or washing their hands, for example.
These prompts will be shared on social media as well as giving you the option to sign up to receive them daily via email.
Content from the week will be collated into a document on each Thursday, to use as a basis for prayers of intercessions for online services on Sunday.
Click here to find out more and sign up for the daily email.

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A hymn by Michael Forster celebrating the founding and work of the NHS, written in 1998 and updated in 2021
A prayer written by Baptist minister Nick Fawcett, a devotional and reflective writer
cppersonal, cpchurch
A reflective poem written by Gary Clayton, Copywriter and Editor at Mission Aviation Fellowship
A prayer written by Patrick Coghlan
cppersonal, cpchurch
A prayer written by hospital chaplain Amanda Pink
A reflective lament written by hospital chaplain Amanda Pink
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