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Kavana joins homeless community actors in new film

The Box is the latest film from Baptist-supported ministry Acting on Impulse

Filming has recently finished on the latest project of a Baptist-supported ministry that trains socially excluded people to become actors.
The Box is the new production from Acting on Impulse, a charity supported by Altrincham Baptist Church and set up by church member Lauren Pouchly.
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Co-written by Lauren and directors Ed Lilly and Jo Chambers, it is a satirical film taking on both reality TV and dealing with the treatment of those living on the margins of our society.

As welfare reforms and cuts to public services hit the most vulnerable in the UK, the film draws "unnerving parallels with the realities of life for the marginalised and raises questions about the way we treat those who need our support the most," according to its press release.

Previous Acting on Impulse Projects include short films, a soap series and the music video Street Life, which has received almost 70,000 views on Youtube. 

As with these productions, almost the entire cast of The Box have been homeless and the story-lines come emerge from workshops for the actors, adding poignancy and truth to the dramatic works.

The cast attend acting classes, develop new skills and build self-esteem. ‘They get to be creative, work as a team and commit to something which results in a professional end production,’ Lauren said.

‘We see people come for the first time, sometimes unable to look you in the eye and not sure about joining in. Fast forward to the filming and they are confident, talented and engaged.’

The Box guest-stars Kavana, a singer and actor who recently appeared in Celebrity Big Brother. 'This was flash-back time for me!' he said. 'I got on really well with the guys, it’s hard to believe that they are not professional actors. I think what the charity does is brilliant. This film is really ground-breaking, flagging up important issues at a critical time.'

Lauren’s hope is that Kavana's presence will not only increase the film's status, but will also inspire and encourage the actors who worked with him.

She added there are big ambitions for The Box's release later this summer. 'We hope to have a successful premiere event with a full house!,' she said. 'We will then either launch online or put it into festivals. Either way we want to be able to use it to raise awareness.'

Acting on Impulse has been supported by Altrincham Baptist Church from its first beginnings. ‘I have been blessed with the support and encouragement of the church’, said Lauren.

‘We are an official supported ministry which is great. And for every production, it just takes a message in the newsletter and we are inundated with props, catering, volunteers and many other weird and wonderful things that we may request!’

There will be a private premiere for The Box on 1 August at HOME in Manchester. Tickets can be requested and there will also be an online launch to follow, date yet to be confirmed.


Baptist Times, 07/07/2015
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