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For Annual Returns pageChurch Update (incorporating Annual Returns)

With effect from 6 January 2020 the new Church Update system is being launched, enabling you to make changes to the information we hold regarding your church throughout the year and complete the Annual Returns process.  Letters and emails are being issued from 6 January that provide the details you require to Log in. 

Please follow this link to access the system

Front pageUsing Church Update
Once logged in you will be able to view and amend the church information we currently hold and make any necessary amendments.  A ‘Guide to Church Update’ is provided as guidance.  Church Update will be open all year round, so you will always be able to view the information we hold and update it as necessary.

Annual Returns
The Annual Returns process is now part of Church Update although this section will only be open for a limited period every year.    Please ensure your 2019 information is submitted prior to the closing date of 2 March 2020.

Should you experience any problems, that cannot be rectified by referring to the Guide to Church Update, please contact us using the Church Update Contact Us Form.

Regrettably, in view of legislative requirements, there is one role that you will not be able to update via Church Update - DBS Verifier.  Our current process for amending this role will need to continue for the time being.  However you will be able to view the DBS Verifier role in Church Update to confirm that we have the correct information for your church.

We have a page of statistical information from the BUGB Annual Returns which includes the figures from those churches which had completed their 2018 Annual Return by the end of March

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Contact form for queries about updating church details on our database