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Most popular church stories 2018

The Wellbeing café movement, new opportunities to teach the Bible in schools and lessons from a church where God is growing his kingdom through the older generation were among the most popular church stories of 2018

1 Wellbeing café movement growing
Just over a year after a wellbeing café in Nottingham won funding to replicate its work, nine more have opened

2 'An amazing opportunity for Christians'
A ministry that ‘simply teaches the Bible’ has been stunned by a recent spike in demand from schools

3 The Blaby story - lessons from church growth
This is the story of God growing His kingdom through the older generation as He has over-ruled our pre-conceptions of church growth, our rules and our regulations, writes Blaby Baptist Church pastor Pauline Wills

4 Modern Slavery summits in EBA
There is a good chance someone in your neighbourhood is a victim of modern slavery. Could you be part of God's rescue plan for them?

5 'Such atrocities bring communities together'
Barry Davis, Amesbury Baptist Church minister, reflects on the events which placed the church in the world spotlight

6 Next steps for Next Meal  
A creative initiative that uses technology to connect homeless people with food seeks to expand beyond London

7 Prayer following helicopter tragedy
There has been an outpouring of prayer for a Baptist pastor whose two sons died in a helicopter crash

8 'I hope people will encounter Jesus again'
A Baptist minister is to bring the Gospel of Mark to life in a fast-paced and punchy solo performance

9 'We are more than just a chippy'
The country’s first community-owned chippy has opened, and Baptists in Solihull are at the heart of it

10 'Keep interceding for those we love'
Minister Hayley Young was invited to preach at a Thy Kingdom Come event alongside Justin Welby and Michael Curry

Baptist Times, 21/12/2018
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