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A journey towards to Jesus 

A resource designed to help people add a spiritual dimension alongside what they’re already doing has been launched by Fresh Expressions


Sharing Jesus has ideas for sharing Jesus in a new worshipping community, Fresh Expression of church, missional community or church plant as well as community groups such as lunch clubs. 

It has launched in association with HOPE Together and the Salvation Army UK to help equip people to introduce Jesus into their group setting.

'Over the 30+ years of pioneering new, contextual forms of church we’ve found that the part of the Fresh Expressions/Loving First journey people struggle with the most is introducing a spiritual element to their gatherings in a sensitive and contextual way which is why we created this resource,' said the Fresh Expressions press release.

'Sharing Jesus adopts an open-handed, walking together, learning from one another, asking questions approach. It’s not about telling people what to believe, but about saying to friends: “This is what I am finding helpful. What do you think? Might we explore this spiritual path together?” 

'It includes seven topics, each with a video animation, a video story, and a short downloadable guide with additional ideas and explanation. The resources are arranged logically to give them a shape, but please don’t follow the order! Go to the section that most interests you.'

Rachel Jordan-Wolf from Hope Together adds, 'Sharing Jesus provides helpful tools on how to do the little steps so people can go on a journey with you towards Jesus.' 

Find out more via sharingjesus.life

Baptist Times, 12/10/2021
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