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These are both exciting and challenging days to be a Baptist minister. Our understanding of what ministers are called to do is changing along with the place of Christian faith in Britain. Communicating the gospel today will include creative approaches to ministry that go beyond the established model of the minister who leads, pastors and preaches to a church congregation. Across the Baptist family, women and men are following God’s call into very different forms of ministry.

Some focus on specific areas of church life such as evangelism or children, youth and families.

Others increasingly serve God in the public sphere as chaplains in health, education, prisons, industry, leisure and the armed forces.

Still others are called to be pioneers for the gospel in wholly unchurched communities, living as a light for Jesus among people who otherwise never get to hear of him.    

So we now define accredited Baptist ministry not according to a role description or by the practice of particular skills such as preaching or worship leading. Instead, we look for a common set of characteristics and motivations among all our ministers. We call these the Marks of Ministry. They are the traits we seek to foster during training and sustain for the duration of each minister’s service, however different the expression of ministry may be.
More information about pioneering ministry and evangelism is available on the mission pages.
But on the pages below, you can find out about ministry in general.  If you would like to ask any questions about ministry, please contact the Ministries Team. We also have a page of frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.