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Chaplaincy presents great opportunities to minister and bring God’s love to a wide variety of people, whether they have a faith or not. Chaplains take the good news of Jesus outside the church’s walls to embody it in the public arena. Chaplaincy is sometimes called ‘sector ministry’ because it focusses on one sector of society. 
We encourage every minister to look for opportunities to offer chaplaincy in their community. It can be to a neighbourhood police station, an out-of-town retail park, the local football club, or a bus company's depot, to give just a few examples. And chaplaincy is not exclusively a role for ministers. Though some public sectors require chaplains to be accredited or recognised by their denomination, many places welcome the chaplaincy provided by volunteers from their local church.
While much chaplaincy is informally arranged, some sectors have greater organisation which is usually overseen in partnership with other denominations. Many of the ministers who serve in these sectors do so full-time for a number of days each week. 
        Healthcare chaplaincy
        Education chaplaincy
        Prison chaplaincy
        Workplace chaplaincy
        Military chaplaincy  
To better understand how chaplaincy sits within our understanding of ministry, please read A Theology of Chaplaincy Ministry.

Click here for information about a Day for Baptist Chaplains on 24 January 2022.

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