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Black History Month 2020

A selection of resources to help Baptists reflect on and mark Black History Month



Journeying to Justice JourneyingToJusticeThe first comprehensive appraisal of the journey towards equity and reconciliation among British and Jamaican Baptists. Journeying to Justice – Contribution to the Baptist Tradition across the Black Atlantic features contributions from a variety of scholars and practitioners who together explore Black Baptist relations between England and the Caribbean.

Orders can be placed here via the Authentic Media website. RRP is £24.99. Please view the PDF for further information

Moving Stories 500Moving Stories
Nine studies for small groups from people whose own stories have been shaped or impacted by a significant people movement.

A Baptist resource aimed at helping individuals and groups to reflect theologically about the refugee and migration crisis.


The Sam Sharpe Project

F&S Resourcing JusticeRacialJuThe Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Jamaica Baptist Union are committed to walking the ways of God’s justice. One demonstration of this joint commitment is The Sam Sharpe Project.

Sam Sharpe was hanged in Montego Bay on 23 May 1832 after initiating and leading a revolt for justice. Just before his execution he said: ‘I would rather die upon yonder gallows, than live in slavery.’

The revolt and Sharpe’s actions played a huge role in British parliamentary deliberations, and ultimately the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. It is this legacy the Sam Sharpe Project seeks to build upon by promoting his story and exploring his relevance in today’s context. The Sam Sharpe annual lectures remain its key educational resource. We've created a short video which explains more. 

Download to share in your church

wilton-powellSam Sharpe Lecture 2020
This year's Sam Sharpe lecture will be given by webinar by Bishop Wilton Powell on Monday 12 October - click here for details and to join the webinar.

Click here to watch last year's lecture, on the theme of Women in Sam Sharpe’s Army: Repression, Resistance, Reparation by Professor Verene Shepherd.

Wonderful Youth 2019Wonderful Youth
Even though there are a vast number of resources on the Christian market to enable young people to reflect on their Christian faith, few (if any) intentionally enable Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic people to see their image reflected in the resources. This resource aims to address that imbalance. Drawing on culturally diverse images, exercises and activities, Wonderful Youth is unapologetically multicultural. 

The material seeks to affirm, both theologically and culturally, all young people between the ages of 13-16.   Click here for details and to download the material produced in 2018 and 2019.

Local Justice Hubs
F&S Networking JusticeHubsLocaThe aim of these Hubs is to create a just culture by addressing issues relevant to their local area, working with the Regional Association and College.  At the present time, Local Justice Hubs have been set up in the Heart of England Baptist Association, London Baptists, Southern Counties Baptist Association and Yorkshire Baptist Association.  Please follow the links to contact these associations to find out more.

RJBlog CardRacial Justice Blogs
New for 2020 is a series of racial justice blogs being published weekly beginning on 1 October. This is a new space to hear from and reflect on a range of Christian voices on issues of racial justice.

JustAwareJust Aware
It has become increasingly clear that much can be gained by bringing together previously separate Baptist initiatives concerned with race, gender, and disability around a single focus on justice. One outcome of this convergence is the development of a new resource, Just Aware which can be used across our communities to help groups of Baptists explore and enlarge their understanding of and commitment to justice as a fundamental core value. 

Just Aware is designed to help small groups within our Baptist Together community to deepen their commitment to issues of justice in their local context – facilitators can be available to lead sessions with groups of Deacons, Regional Teams or any other group that thinks that Just Aware might be able to enrich their work of mission as Christian disciples.  

IPlogoInspiring Leadership Programme
This annual two-month gap programme seeks to encourage mainly Baptist young people of colour, between the ages of 18-23, to develop their leadership potential in Jamaica with the support of our Union’s long-standing partner, the Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU).  
Click here for more.

Racial Justice Reading list
We have updated our Racial Justice reading list with a selection of publications to enable churches to consider racial justice issues and help them to become truly multicultural.  Click here to download the reading list.

Forthcoming resource

Book: Multi ethnic preaching  
In partnership with Spurgeon’s College and the Centre for Baptist Studies, the Racial Justice Group is producing a book to help and support Baptist preachers as they preach in a multicultural world. Some of the chapters that will feature in the book are:  the need for multi ethnic preaching? Multi ethnic hermeneutics, and communication, contextual theology of preaching and other relevant themes aimed to equip preachers be the best they can be in a rapidly changing world.  


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