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Navigating the brave new world of media

How do you effectively reach people online? Graeme Spencer of Media Mentoring shares a way forward

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I’m excited!
Despite working as a professional producer/director in Christian media for over 25 years, the media explosion among churches in the UK over the past two years is unprecedented. Yes, lockdowns have accelerated that BUT there is no doubt digital outreach has been on the agenda of churches for a while. The Baptist Union of Great Britain identified the “Digital Revolution” as one of six priorities to focus on in November 2018.

However, as with everything new, there is a need to work out how to navigate this “Brave new world”.
Reaching an unseen audience is very different to the experience of most ministers. You no longer see how people receive your message, you can’t “read the room” to know if people are engaging, or if they have tuned out. You also don’t see them turn off if they lose interest or your delivery isn’t right for the communication medium. What happens if the quality of your broadcasting is too poor for them to stay watching? And if that isn’t enough, with so much “choice” now in the online world, it’s unlikely people will ever come back if they turn off.
The audience is now in the driving seat and this must change how we reach people with the Good News.
The challenge is, how do you effectively reach people online? 
I’ve had multiple conversations with churches who launched into this brave new world of media (most to deal with the immediate problems Covid brought) who are struggling to get to grips with this question, work out what to do and even to sustain what they already started, which many admit is inadequate.
Many churches began by asking, “What equipment do I need”? 
Now, I hear variations of the same complaint, “We went out and spent considerable money on equipment, but still can’t create content that engages people.” 
Starting with the equipment question is the same as deciding to start a children’s ministry and as your starting point asking, “What version of a children’s Bible should we get?”
For those of you who find yourself in this place – don’t lose heart, there is hope – we can help you, like we are helping others find the way forward.
Our vision at Media Mentoring is very simple: “We help churches and ministries create high quality video content for the audience they serve”.
I love that we have already helped churches and ministries here in the UK and Europe navigate this brave new world. But I also know we can do more and help YOU too.
Back to the children’s ministry analogy. 
How should you approach starting a ministry like this? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your vision for this ministry?
  • Who do you want to serve with this ministry?
  • What do you want to say to these children to move them forward in a relationship with Jesus?
  • How can you get them to engage with your children’s ministry and ensure they return?
  • Who in your church has a vision for this and how can you train them to lead in this ministry? 

Then think about the Bibles we need…
Obviously, there are more questions than these and answers will vary from church to church. There are no wrong answers. The only thing you can do “wrong” is to avoid the process and jump to the Bible question.
With an online video ministry, it’s essentially the same process. That’s why many feel like they are pushing a boulder up a hill, they are dissatisfied with their progress and regret the investment they put in.
But I see the positives. 
Most churches have done the hard part and launched this brave new world of media. It’s always easier to steer a moving object than to start something.
This is where we can help you navigate this journey.
We have different things we can offer depending on your need. Solutions include bespoke consultancy, high value skills training, short online courses on a variety of subjects and more. 
We are here to help you.
I’d love to understand your needs and we offer a free exploratory call.
I’d also encourage you to sign up for our FREE online Masterclass on “Four keys to building a sustainable online video ministry”. It’s a GREAT place to begin. And when you sign up, we’ll send you my FREE eBook: “Let’s Make it Better: My top 5 tips to move your media ministry forward”.
We have other free resources on our website too including my blog – all aimed at helping YOU define, fulfil and sustain your vision to use media to reach people with the Good News of Jesus. 
Check out what we do, book a call and let’s chat about your needs or sign up for the next upcoming Masterclass and let us start helping you.

Image | Joshua Hanson | Unsplash

Media Mentoring helps churches and ministries create high quality video content that reaches and engages their target audience.

Graeme Spencer is a pioneer in Christian media with more than 25 years of experience. With a particular skill in live television, he has produced and directed some of the largest Christian events over the past two decades. Before founding Media Mentoring, Graeme was the Chief Operating Officer of GOD TV.




Wynelle Cowdery, Executive Pastor, City Life Church, Portsmouth, UK:
'Through the COVID pandemic I ended up being heavily involved in all our editing, filming and the running our services on several different online platforms. We found ourselves learning as we went, but we were on our own.

'Then, thankfully, we were introduced to Graeme Spencer and his company. Graeme came alongside us, helped us to understand what we were doing, how to get the most from the equipment we have and how to produce good content that works for our audience. Graeme has been amazing, very patient, a great listener and has been able to answer our questions and help us grow our media presence.'

Ruth Purchase, Open Doors UK & Ireland
'We were keen to find someone who would come alongside us but not take over the project. Graeme did that, he gave advice/suggestions but was never overpowering or controlling. His willingness to teach/upskill the team was incredible.

'His humility, patience and willingness to support us made working with him effortless. He has incredible experience and is an excellent teacher and coach. I learnt so much from him and I am really grateful we found him. He is an asset to any organisation/ministry.'


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