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For Annual Returns page
Church Statistics

Each year we ask churches to supply us with various statistics through the 'Church Update' Annual Return process.

We are now able to make these statistics available here on our website and have a number of documents you can view or download (see below).

We will update this page each year once the previous year's statistics have been collected and added to our database.

2015 Church Membership 
2016 Church Membership
2017 Church Membership
2018 Church Membership
2019 Church Membership
2020 Church Membership
2021 Church Membership
Including information about numbers of children, young people and baptisms

2015 Church Attendance figures
2016 Church Attendance figures
2017 Church Attendance figures
2018 Church Attendance figures
2019 Church Attendance figures
2020 Church Attendance Figures not collected
2021 Church Attendance Figures

Summary of Church Statistics from 2000



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